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Words Alike Short Story Competition

Écrire! is an annual short story competition hosted by the Words Alike team. It is hosted at the start of the calendar year and was established in Jan. 2020.

Words Alike aims to encourage new and aspiring writers to write as much as they can and put themselves out there. Our team itself is made of new, aspiring and/or young writers. 

Competitions are a really good way to show your work and skill. Winning has perks in itself with the included prizes, but just pushing yourself to send a submission into a competition is a huge step in your writing. You can develop confidence and motivation to keep going! 

We are here to provide that opportunity for you.

With that said, we hope you join this year for our first Écrire!


Your topic to write about is:

a cause that you are passionate about.

This is still a creative piece and you are only required to use this prompt as a THEME of your work.


First Place - $30USD, $45AUD or 3 months of Discord Nitro

Second Place - $20USD, $30AUD or 2 months of Discord Nitro

Third Place - $10USD, $15AUD or 1 month of Discord Nitro

Payment will be through PayPal which automatically converts currency. If you are unable to use accept money through PayPal, we will have to award you in Nitro.

The top 5 entries will have their works formatted into an ebook PDF with a cover design. The PDF will include an author bio and links to anything they wish. These files will be made available for download on our website unless the winning authors do not wish to share their work.


We acknowledge that copyright will, and always will, belong to the contestant and Words Alike holds no ownership of the written work. We will not be selling any content made from Écrire!.

The money for these prizes will be coming out of pocket, so any donations are appreciated towards them! View more information about donations below. The prizes are subject to change, but only to a HIGHER amount than they already are depending on the money raised.


- Submissions must be 5,000 words to 10,000 words

- Submissions must be in English

- Fiction only

- Must be an original short story, written by the submitter

- Deadline to submit: April 20th 11:59pm AEST

- Anyone from anywhere can join (you don't have to be in      our Discord server to join)

- You can only submit once

- Your submission must either be in a Google Doc or a            Word Document

- Donating is optional, but appreciated

- Your work must relate to the given theme

- You must be 13+ to enter and have parental permission if    you're under 18

- Copyright of the written work will ALWAYS belong to the      contestant and we cannot take credit or republish your      work

Entries that do not comply with these guidelines will not be considered.


So essentially, we have no starting funds except for the money in our pockets, or well, banks.

By donating, you are pitching into the prize pool which can potentially become bigger with more donations.

Donations are all OPTIONAL! You are not required to donate to submit, but it would be really appreciated.

One day, we may even get a sponsor and donations could go to other things that can help us run more cool events. You never know.

Only donate what you can, and if you can't, that's okay!


We plan to have five judges in total for Écrire! but we have only chosen three so far.

Écrire! 2020 Judges are:

  • ​Quinn Jay Andaver

  • Saiza

  • Louise Johnson

We still have two slots open for judges so contact us by email or on Discord, if you're in our server, to apply to be a judge! Being a judge comes with responsibility, time and effort. You will have to stay dedicated to judging the pieces and you will not be allowed to submit your own entry to keep things fair and simple.

Now that you have read all of that... Allez écrire! Go write!

Unless you have a submission ready! Then go ahead and hit the


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