Words Alike Short Story Competition

Écrire! is an annual short story competition hosted by the Words Alike team. It is hosted at the start of the calendar year and was established in Jan. 2020.

Words Alike aims to encourage new and aspiring writers to write as much as they can and put themselves out there. Our team itself is made of new, aspiring and/or young writers. 

Competitions are a really good way to show your work and skill. Winning has perks in itself with the included prizes, but just pushing yourself to send a submission into a competition is a huge step in your writing. You can develop confidence and motivation to keep going! 

We are here to provide that opportunity for you.

Ecrire! is currently closed for 2020. Subscribe to our mailing list to be notified of other competitions.  


Judges are still reading through the submissions. Stay tuned.

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