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Calls for Submissions, that's a thing.

Alright so let's get into it lads. There is this thing out there in the writing world called "calls for submissions".

What are calls for submission?

Literary journals/magazines and publishers are usually the ones to put out these calls for when they are seeking material. So if you have a completed narrative, essay, poem or any other written material, this brings for great opportunities! It's more likely that a journal or magazine publishes your short work rather than larger publishers.

So what's that to me?

Well, as a writer, it is very important and useful! When you see a call for submission in an area that you are writing/have written it, it opens a door for you. Sometimes press's do charge a "reading fee" as they need to pay the people taking time to go through all the submissions, but this provides a relatively cheap chance for you to have your work published and printed.

There are many publishers out there that also provide good benefits such as paying you per word, or piece, and also giving you a copy of the magazine/journal!

And there is more! This provides experience and motivation. Every single time you submit a work, you are pushing yourself to do better and also become familiar with the publishing field. You are technically published if your submission is put through. You are also provided a network. You can find contacts through this and others may reach out to you. It sounds pretty great, aye?

What's the catch, boys?

This is more "stuff you need to remember". When you do submit, it's not guaranteed that your work will be chosen. There may as well be thousands of people submitting their work. You also need... you know, polished work. Don't just write a single draft and throw that at the printers just so you can get the benefits.

Give yourself time. Show your work to people and request for feedback. Grow as a writer so your work can become polished. Remember to have pride in your work because, naturally, people want to improve what they are proud of.

Second of all, make sure you read the submission guidelines. This is applicable to all traditional publishing. Everyone has submission guidelines and you have to read them! This ensures you match their genre/s, word counts and other requirements. Don't just rely on good work, personality and looks. ;)

So, in conclusion?

Write, write and write some more. Build up your pile of writing whether it be songs, short stories, novellas, novels or poems. I'm sure there is someone out there looking for your work.

By answering these calls for submissions, you are gaining experience, growing networks, PUBLISHING and just expanding your skills. So go ahead and answer them!

If you're unsure of where to start, I am going to be posting some calls for submissions I find in the #newsboard channel for you guys to check out every so often. Hopefully some of you do get accepted, definitely let me know!

Thanks for reading this post and let me know what you think!

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